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Dear Megha,
Although its been just 4 days,I got initiated to auto writing through you.. but it feels that its been ages i have been doing that...and the credit goes to you..You made it so flawless and smooth. You made me believe that we all have that inherent ability of receiving the divine messages that it opened up the gates of my heart to be one with my masters and Angels..
You are really an amazing human being and an awesome mentor..blessed be..love and light.????


It is wonderful experience with Megha Darji.. with her it is direct connection of divine angel... answers of all my questions are so meaningful.. and more of her amazing smile and motivational advice makes superb comfort zone with her...I had delightful experience with her.... I am always excited during the session of card reading and always satisfied with this lady.....

a long way to go Megha Darji..best of luck darling.
Chaitali (Mumbai)

Hello All,
I am so proud to learn auto writing from Megha Darji! She is an amazing auto writing with tremendous knowledge and love. After learning from her I can do auto writing with much ease. I am able to connect with Divine more and more with practice which really help me and my clients to understand the issues they are facing.

Thanks Megha for being my teacher and teaching me this amazing tool.
Love and light
Neetu Jha( Bangluru)

I was very impressed n happy with megha' s reading....her replies are always gentle and hopeful. her replies are almost accurate... well in case she was 99% correct. I followed everything which she told me to do and those all worked out very well and helped me a lot for my mental peace.... she is very very practical and made me understand what each card wants to indicate..so I started believing divine's magic...I felt connected with god when I be with her... Trust me she is best tarot card reader I have ever met she is Angle 2 me

LOVE U MEGHA...Thanks again
Tinku (Mumbai)

Dear Megha,
It was a great experience to get attuned to Masters by you. The guidelines you gave and keep on giving to all your students is so valuable. I will not thank you ,but I will thank Masters for making us meet and be your students. Thank you Masters for choosing Megha as our mentor in this 'Automated Writing Journey'. You are our 'Guiding Angel ' Megha... thank you for taking this path and guiding others with honesty, support and divine love ?. Spread your wings and fly high..

Lots of love and gratitude to you Megha and Masters
Pallavi Mahtre(Mumbai)

To tell honestly I was pretty much worried and much confused with doubts and lots of misconception in life! I knew megha was tarot card reader one fine day just with her facebook post I decided to meet her and do a reading session!

From that day i have been thrice every time I go with my doubts and important decision she is always been kind a good listener and a honest opinion giver to me! And best thing is, she is her witty and totally frank answer what the card says and best is she always gives that positivity when i meet and she always tells to be positive in life which affects a lot!?
Cant thank her enough for all those listening ears and best opinion and answer to my every query! Thank you Megha! Glad I did the reading with you!
Dhawal Joshi(Mumbai)

Ms. Megha has been like a guide to me. She has made me sail thru tough times with lot of positive affirmations, peace and strength. Patience has been her virtue. She taught me to introspect and move towards building strength within.

Thank you so much for being my lighthouse !!!!! God Bless You .... Always.

Dear Megha,
Your tarot reading and auto writing is just outstanding and your guidance has helped me Like anything, hope you continue this and wish you Gud luck ?? ...

Riddhi (Mumbai)

My experience was good as i met to u n solve my problem so easily n motivate me.. so thx
Heera Bohra(Mumbai)

A very beautiful soul I met.
She is Megha darji... Soul filled with love and kindness. Well integrated with wisdom, understanding, patience free of all boundaries. She is a miraculous guide and healer and counselor as well. When I was going through a phase where everything was closed and an end... She like a spark of light very lovingly lit hope in me to live to shine to believe in self and stand again.

Having no hope to live now as I am living with peace more acceptance a happy life... Working as a light worker.. feels as if she made me see my light and that's is what I as soul on a mission wish to work in service of our great ones to lit as many souls as I can. Thanks to her she is an angel who made me stand on my own by myself by making me aware of who I am. We worked with Louise hay therapy. I strongly have high regards and respect for this spiritual journey on healing self. Such a priceless gift and teachings is short to expressed in words.
Thank you dearest Megha for giving that hand and support and making me capable of helping myself. You are A wonderful soul with precious gifts, power and wisdom but at the same time you are such humble grounded filled with humility, reverence and love. Thank you for bringing hope, faith and self love to me. And thank you very much for listening and healing me deeply. I always remember as you said life is a long process where we have to heal our self by awareness and mastering layer by layer our skills. Thanks to Louise hay.
And truly with love thanks to you for uplifting me on this journey. May God bless you with lots of joy, peace, success, happiness ,love prosperity and abundance.
Sejal Nahar(Mumbai).

Megha Darji you have been the person who inspired me into reading books after 39 yrs of my life I could never imagine that it would interest me so much that I long for my reading time or listening to talks with my ear plugs on not bothered of what others are doing .... and saying and that to at that point of my life when I was really needing to be more stronger so as to cope up living with kids alone as my husband was staying most of the time in Mumbai . You simply made me fall in love with Louise hay ??when I hear her voice I'm so very myself and at peace that love travels in me ??you are my mentor who encouraged me to go on and on .I'm a mere amature in ur field I feel so proud that u got me to follow the right path which was destined for me and your doing great at your level I feel so proud of you Megha .

Lots of love and light your way always
Deepika Gupta(Delhi)