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Striving for a work-life balance?

Published On : 17-08-2019

We are in a time where everything is moving fast. One can access the whole world by just sitting at one place. It's the time when almost every individual is driven by ambition and motivation. If we talk about the corporate life, target completion and competition has become so important for us that we are completely ignoring our mental and emotional well-being, which is manifesting into something more dangerous such as stress, anxiety, depression, social isolation and many more…


Today, let's talk about how to create a balance between fast paced corporate life and personal life!


These days, it's too common to hear words from people around us, such as.. Stress, Tension, Depression, etc. which was never heard much in the past, and this is growing rapidly. Today, we are more concerned about what our colleagues, boss, juniors, seniors or society is thinking about us.


It's mainly the expectations of others which is takes a toll on one's peace of mind. So what can be the reason behind this? Well, the very basic reason is that we have become ignorant about ourselves. We are operating all the time from mind, and not involving our heart/emotional feelings in our lives? Spiritual healing allows one to have an understanding and awareness of what oneself is? It allows you to connect within.


To get the true job satisfaction or even in your personal life, one need to put their mind and heart in sync with what they are doing, and hence perusing your passion.


How we react to what we are doing, is a true reflection of our own self and our value to the world. Word like:


          # I hate my job

          # My job is too stressful

          # No one appreciates my work

          # I always get dead end jobs

          # My boss is abusive

          # My job doesn't pay well

          # I have no time for myself

          # I running around all the time etc….are mirror image of our attitude toward life


I want to state an example of one of my client who was juggling with work life balance and how 'Spiritual Healing' helped him…


Towards the end of financial year a client came to me and asked me if I can help him in any way with the stress he was undergoing? We began the process with just talking briefly about his thoughts and feelings around work and life in general. The client was little resistant about expressing his feelings.


In our first session I got a little understanding about his feeling and his resistance to acknowledge his vulnerable side. We did little bit of conscious level work by changing surface belief about his work and personal life. In our next session, we met and discussed about his daily routine, his daily thoughts, work pressure, targets, performance, and personal time etc. and through this conversation I realized that he lacks work and personal life balance. Corporate life was taking a toll on his peace of mind and not allowing him to live fully in the present moment as he was constantly worked up for something to finish. His thoughts ran around his work pressure and performance. When one is constantly worried about target and work, do you think he will be able to manage it easily? He was adding more tension and pressure in all the activity he did to an extent where he could not get good sleep. Stress level was on rise and yet as our conditioning does not allow us to show the vulnerable side. I started my healing session where he was asked to lie down and relax each cell of his body, letting go of stress and tension, worries. Then with the help of divine energy and healing process, he started letting out all the confusion and stress. I transmuted that energy into positive and uplifting energy. Adding more positive energy with nature element and bringing mind to silent zone. Meanwhile he consciously allowed scattered energy and lack of self-worth to let go. Filling his mind and heart with positive, uplifting and transformative energy lowered down his stress level and a new belief in him was restored, he went home confident, empowered and healed.


We are so engrossed in our work that we ignore ourpersonal space where family, one self and personal interests are placed. Spiritual healing will not only create balance between the two but also lead you to a healthy life. It teaches you to merge your heart and mind in daily life. It will bring your stress level down, which is big concern in today's world. So let's create a healthy, peaceful and harmonious and balanced life for one another by ancient tools available to us. Always think positive thoughts like -


 "I am always relaxed at work"

 "My work is recognized by everyone"

 "I respect myself and others too"

 "I am in the perfect place, and I am safe at all times"

 "I am at peace wherever I am"

 "I love and accept myself the way I am"

 "No person, place, or thing has power over me. I am free"  


We are blessed with culture filled with wisdom and knowledge; we require it now more than ever. So let's make ourselves better individuals, create happier home, happier relationships, better offices culture, better society and a better world to live in.

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