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Rejection is okay

Published On : 26-06-2019

Yes, You heard me right. Rejection is okay. rejection is part of process of growth and success.
Rejected in love? life seems to come to an end. Feels like you'll never be able to love anyone ever again. You want to no longer love others and abandon your own self too.

Rejected in job? You feel you are good for nothing and won't amount to anything?

Rejected by family? Academic scores=acceptance, behaviour according to others=acceptance?

Rejected by society? You refuse to please others and follow their set rules. You feel you don't fit in.

It is okay to get rejected my dear. It is okay.

It does not mean end of your life. It simply means life is giving you better option and opportunity to prepare yourself for better version of you.
rejection is a way of Universe telling you that you deserve better. Expand your horizon as what you have been trying for was not meant for you, look around and you will see what's waiting for you.

The most important point is ,It's never about others. It's about you and yourself.

Ask yourself what are the areas that you are rejecting about yourself?

note down and replace it with acceptance. Acceptance and self love is the gift that you need to shower upon yourself regularly. It goes hand in hand once you accept yourself,self love follows. " I accept myself the way i am" is the mantra you can use.

No person,place,situation has more value. You are the power in your world.

love yourself more then anything. once you love yourself,it's easy for you to love others and see The world with eye of love.

Three things you will keep youself free from: critisize-blame-suppress

There is always new day, new way.

If you see most successful people in the world have been rejected several times when they started, they all took it as stepping stone to achieve greater heights like Walt Disney,JK Rowling,Michael Bloomberg, Madonna, Oprah Winfrey,Steve Jobs,Amitabh Bachchan, shahrukh Khan and last but not the least Narendra Modi.
So folks, love yourself for all the good and not so good experiences in life.

go with the flow. love and let live.

love and blessing,

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