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Death and Sunset

Published On : 06-02-2020

We are born and we die some day, we reincarnate and we take birth and then we die. Just like sunrise in morning and sunset in evening.
Every birth is like a morning and every evening is death. Death bring normal and natural process of nature, why do we create illusion and not talk about it or fear thinking about it?

  • Does death scare you?
  • Does thought of ending life brings chill into your spine?
  • Do you dream of dying loved ones and feel depressed?
  • Do you prefer not to think about you leaving this planet yet another time and leave all your belongings here?
  • Do you like to believe that you are eternal and will never die?

If you resonate with one or more questions above then let me tell you.
It's okay to die.
It's natural to die and we all will die one day.
Death is beautiful process of ending your journey and take forward your soul journey.
Know that when you die only your physical body is left behind on this planet.
Your soul is free and ready to take off . Death is way of life.
Death is freedom.

Everything that is created in this universe is perishable. Only a force that has created this universe is constant and imperishable. Even our soul has journey and there comes a point where it merges with the force of creator itself.

Ponder upon Death.

Live your now.
Love your now.

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