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Are you happy

Published On : 26-06-2019

Often people ask me, how do you manage to multitask and be happy and cool? I smile and reply it's power of love. The 'self-love". In all hustle bustle of life we are so engrossed doing things and finishing the work at hand, We forget to smile and laugh acknowledging the little beauty of life. We have wholesome of 24hours at hand to make the best or waste.

When I say make the best of time in hand does not mean completing the task or doing something concrete. It means living in the moment. living in the very present. Accepting your present and know that it is called present for a reason.

Happiness is inner work. No matter where you are in life, If you are happy, you are showing the gratitude to the universe for each moment. Now you will say it's just talk and it's not too real to be happy all the time, I agree. There are times you feel sad and hurt but I want to ask you, how long do you take to come out of that feeling? just ask yourself, Is it easy for you to divert your mind and feel happy and joyous or you take good time to nurse the wound and be there for long time, until someone pushes you to come out?

I am going to share with you the very easy and effective steps to be Happy all the time:

step 1: Start your day with Gratitude.
step 2:Remember your any 5 blessings(count different everyday)
step 3:Breath deep in tense situation.
step 4:Know its upto you to give energy to the situation(rate out of 10)
step 5: Every situation is an opportunity to grow and bring best out of you. Give your best response to it.
step 6: Follow your heart. Do what you like without thinking of what will others say?
step 7:Smile and world will smile with you. pass on smile to all possible people around.
step 8:Pause, take break and give yourself "Me time". It is okay to do nothing sometime.It is your birthright to be happy.
step 9:laugh often. let the humour spread all around.
step 10:Celebrate life. You are what you are and you love that. Divine creation. Unique you. Happy you.

Above 10 steps to your happiness, I assure you, you will see stress level going down, more ease will enter your life. You will feel light. Remember my dear friend, We are all creation of divine source. We are unique, We are special, We are loving, We are lovable, We are happy and we will spread it all around. You are perfect. What we give out in the world will come back to us. lets bring happiness to world and eradicate the stress and tension which pushes us to be in lack of self love. We are enough. Be happy. Stay happy.

with blessings and love,

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